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Active ETFs

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The 5 reasons we invested in platinum
Through the Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) process, the AMP Capital Dynamic Markets team identified platinum as a compelling investment...
3 predictions for Australian ETFs in 2018
The Australian ETF industry is set to grow in 2018 as investors increasingly recognise their diversification, cost-effectiveness, and...


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Active ETFs – the basics
Active exchange traded funds (ETFs) are becoming increasingly popular with investors as they exhibit all the advantages of stocks, such as...
What if interest rates rise faster than expected?
The US Federal Reserve may raise interest rates twice as often as the market expects in 2018, according to AMP Capital Head of Investment...


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Look to commercial property for strong yields
As we move into a new part of the investment cycle, a rise in bond yields will in time make them more attractive for investors, however...
Property investors: finding value in a rising rate environment
The current slide in Sydney and Melbourne residential property prices will fall far short of a housing bust, according to AMP Capital Head...


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Debunking liquidity myths in unlisted funds and ETFs
Liquidity is often top of mind for SMSFs when it comes to investing in asset classes outside of equities. Liquidity in listed investments...
What are technical indicators?
When it comes to investing, the term ‘technical analysis’ can cause many heads to spin. But the truth is that this is a frequently used...


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Valuing infrastructure in a rising rate world – part 2
In the second article of a two-part series, John Julian, Infrastructure Investment Director, explores the impacts that a rising interest...
More Australians look to smart energy
With rising energy prices and increased awareness around limiting carbon emissions, more Australians are looking to smart technology to...

Fixed Income

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What if bond prices take a dive?
There are a lot of reasons why investors could, or perhaps should, be worried we’re headed for a bond market correction. Chief Economist Dr...
Do shares and bonds still correlate?
We are nearing the end of a 30-year bull run in the bond market where many investors anticipate that rates will head higher, and the role...

Exchange Traded

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How I use ETFs to execute a global macro view
Nader Naeimi, Head of Dynamic Markets, sees ETFs as an exciting way to gain exposure to sectors and themes globally that were once a lot...


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Miners using technology may be worth a look this year
According to equities expert Dermot Ryan, certain companies in the resources and commodities sector could be worth a look for investors...
How SMSFs can use economic data right now
There has never been an easier time to access global economic data, but the tricky part is working out which data the market is watching,...


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Why the $A could be heading lower
The Australian and US dollars could be set for a turn in fortunes, according to Shane Oliver, AMP Capital head of Investment Strategy and...
SMSF Investment & Regulation Webinar: Investing for the future and preparing for the worst
On Tuesday August 29th 2017, AMP Capital hosted an SMSF Investment and Regulation Insights Webinar: "Investing for the future and preparing...

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