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Active ETFs

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Are we at peak ETF?
“By any measure the Australian ETF industry still has a very long way to go versus more mature markets like Canada and the US. There are a...
Active Exchange Traded Funds explained
Active Exchange Traded Funds (Active ETFs) share many of the benefits of passively managed ETFs.


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Could last year’s strong equity returns keep on rolling?
2017 was a very good year for economies, markets, and client portfolios and the global economy enters 2018 in excellent shape. ipac CIO...
Outlook for the ASX in 2018
With Australia having lagged behind the global economy last year, AMP Capital Chief Economist Dr Shane Oliver looks at what global...


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Our love affair with property – a liquidity risk?
We’re a nation that loves property – and the ability to buy property within an SMSF can be a significant factor in establishing one....
What could trigger a property price correction?
In this short video, Chief Economist Dr Shane Oliver, shares his predictions for the Australian property markets and the potential triggers...


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Are you (or should you be) a sophisticated investor?
When certain criteria are met, you may be eligible to be classed as a 'sophisticated' investor. This opens up more opportunities compared...
Why we’re thinking about yield all wrong
An extended period of strong yields from fixed income has crafted a generation of investors shaped by the 'yield trade'. But times have...


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How can SMSFs gain access to infrastructure?
Private ownership of infrastructure assets is increasing, providing more opportunities for investors. Infrastructure can provide portfolio...
How to invest now in our driverless car future
Investors might be looking in the wrong place for exposure to the revolution in driverless cars if they’re pouring over previews of the...

Fixed Income

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What do different types of bond yields mean?
Bonds seem like a simple investment. In their most common form, you lend your money to a company or a government, and in return they pay...
So bond rates are not ‘lower for longer’
For most of 2016, we have warned investors about the dangers of accepting historically low bond rates as the ‘new normal’.


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What a banking Royal Commission means for investors
A dip in the value of listed financial stocks including Australia’s Big Four banks the day the federal government announced a Royal...
Cryptocurrency considerations for SMSFs
There’s been plenty of noise lately about the meteoric rise in value of the digital currency Bitcoin. But how should SMSFs think about them...


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Why the $A could be heading lower
The Australian and US dollars could be set for a turn in fortunes, according to Shane Oliver, AMP Capital head of Investment Strategy and...
SMSF Investment & Regulation Webinar: Investing for the future and preparing for the worst
On Tuesday August 29th 2017, AMP Capital hosted an SMSF Investment and Regulation Insights Webinar: "Investing for the future and preparing...

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