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Active ETFs

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Active Exchange Traded Funds explained
Active Exchange Traded Funds (Active ETFs) share many of the benefits of passively managed ETFs.
Active ETF Insights: The Japanese & European banks opportunity
In this video, Nader Naeimi, Head of Dynamic Markets at AMP Capital, analyses the performance of European and Japanese banks and the...


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Census 2016: The opportunities investors need to know
Here, we take a look at how the 2016 Census results could impact investment returns down the track.
US will fall more than Australia in next bust
The US is leading the current boom and US shares are more over-priced than Australian shares, so US shares will have further to fall in the...


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Australian housing: the latest data and where else investors can look for stable income
In the below two short videos, Dr Shane Oliver shares insight into what the latest Australian housing data suggests, and where else...
Is Australian housing in crisis?
The Australian housing story over the past three years has been characterised by phenomenal dwelling price growth, record housing debt and...


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How the pros review fund performance and reconfigure for success
Running a self-managed super fund means control. It also means responsibility to ensure the fund is achieving the outcomes set by its...
Trustee spotlight: from flipping houses to managed funds
Sam says when he set up his SMSF he ensured his investment goals and strategies would allow him to be a self-funded retiree.


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The best kept income secret?
An allocation to infrastructure within a portfolio can deliver both income and diversification benefits.
5 reasons why investors should consider infrastructure
Infrastructure offers a range of investment characteristics that can be particularly attractive in the low interest rate and volatile...

Fixed Income

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What do different types of bond yields mean?
Bonds seem like a simple investment. In their most common form, you lend your money to a company or a government, and in return they pay...
So bond rates are not ‘lower for longer’
For most of 2016, we have warned investors about the dangers of accepting historically low bond rates as the ‘new normal’.


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Could the ‘SMSF trade’ be coming to an end?
Owning these shares has not only been an inexpensive strategy for self directed investors, it has also been lucrative.
Goodbye QE, hello QT
Market watchers and investment professionals alike see the Fed’s announcement as a pivotal time for global financial markets since the...


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SMSF Investment & Regulation Webinar: Investing for the future and preparing for the worst
On Tuesday August 29th 2017, AMP Capital hosted an SMSF Investment and Regulation Insights Webinar: "Investing for the future and preparing...
Investment insight: the new winners from technology
A revolution is happening in the energy industry and there will be winners (and losers). In this short video, Dr Shane Oliver shares who he...

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