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Active ETFs

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The benefits and risks of Active ETFs
Most investors are aware of the surge in popularity of ETFs. However, fewer are aware of a new type of ETF - Active ETFs – which deliver...
Where we’re investing in the global retail property sector
As the world becomes more and more connected online, major disruption is occurring in the real estate industry and is giving rise to new...


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Global “debt bomb”: be alert but not alarmed
Global debt levels have reached a new record of around $US200 trillion. While this may cause alarm as most downturns start when debt is at...
The top 5 global economic risks
Whilst a strong global backdrop is currently positive for risk assets, Senior Economist Diana Mousina outlines the top 5 risks for...


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Why a property crash is unlikely
Although property prices recently fell for the first time over any 12-month period since 2012, Shane Oliver believes a property crash is...
How flexible work is changing real estate investing
Flexible and co-working spaces often are those where workers do not have their own desks, and instead share “hot desks” – a trend quickly...


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Chasing yield alone leads to high risk
When thinking about how to retire comfortably, about a third of SMSF trustees say their top goal is building a sustainable income stream,...
Ask Colley on contributing for your spouse
Have you considered contributing for a spouse to even up your superannuation balances? There may be benefits for you to even them up to...


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Valuing infrastructure in a rising rate world – part 2
In the second article of a two-part series, John Julian, Infrastructure Investment Director, explores the impacts that a rising interest...
More Australians look to smart energy
With rising energy prices and increased awareness around limiting carbon emissions, more Australians are looking to smart technology to...

Fixed Income

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Australian bonds to outperform most OECD countries
Australian bond portfolios should continue to offer the best risk adjusted returns, as well as defensive qualities, compared to other...
Understanding bond duration and when to hold
According to Simon Warner, Head of Fixed Income, investors may be overstating the potential downside risks of owning local fixed income and...

Exchange Traded

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How I use ETFs to execute a global macro view
Nader Naeimi, Head of Dynamic Markets, sees ETFs as an exciting way to gain exposure to sectors and themes globally that were once a lot...


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Wonky politics makes for bumpy stock markets
Geopolitics is this year’s buzzword, according to Dr Shane Oliver. That’s because politics between major economies such as the US, China,...
Should investors be wary of the tech sector?
With tech stocks leading share market corrections in recent months, this sector may have felt like a bit of precarious place for investors....


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Why the $A could be heading lower
The Australian and US dollars could be set for a turn in fortunes, according to Shane Oliver, AMP Capital head of Investment Strategy and...
SMSF Investment & Regulation Webinar: Investing for the future and preparing for the worst
On Tuesday August 29th 2017, AMP Capital hosted an SMSF Investment and Regulation Insights Webinar: "Investing for the future and preparing...

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