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The resilient Australian dollar – how long will it last?
The Australian dollar showed resilience during the second half of 2016 due to a number of variables. Commodity prices rallied, the US...
The SMSF sector by the numbers
The best available data on the SMSF sector as a whole comes from the latest ATO statistics. The report released in December 2016 is based...


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Real appeal 3 - Spotlight on commercial real estate in Australia
This is the final installment of a three-part article series that explores investment opportunities in this environment. It explores...
Heartbreak Hotel: the sharing economy and the hotel sector: part 2
In this second part we explore the impact of this phenomenon on the real estate sector so self-managed super fund (SMSF) investors can...


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Trust alternatives after 1 July super changes
Given the impending superannuation changes, it’s worth taking a fresh look at estate and superannuation succession planning arrangements.
Don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare for retirement
Self-directed investors value being able to share ideas and explore regulatory changes, which is one of the reasons AMP Capital has...


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Infrastructure characteristics and driving returns
The infrastructure asset class has been growing in popularity as an investment destination for both institutional and SMSF investors.
Real appeal 2 - Spotlight on direct infrastructure in Australia
This is the second in a three-part article series that explores the benefits of direct assets in an investment portfolio

Fixed Income

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What do different types of bond yields mean?
Bonds seem like a simple investment. In their most common form, you lend your money to a company or a government, and in return they pay...
So bond rates are not ‘lower for longer’
For most of 2016, we have warned investors about the dangers of accepting historically low bond rates as the ‘new normal’.

Exchange Traded

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ETF industry predictions for 2017
Australia’s ETF industry saw significant growth in 2016, and 2017 looks set to continue this trend, driven especially by younger...
The art and science of dynamic asset allocation
Watch this video to understand how the DMKT fund works and examples of its dynamic asset allocation process in action.


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SMSF contribution levels almost triple in response to super changes becoming law
SMSF trustees looking to make the most of the current rules have significantly increased contributions, according to the latest...
Super changes are coming – 2 things you can do now
In this video Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMP Capital provides an overview of the key super changes...


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Reporting season: what's the profit story?
The Australian December half profit reporting season hit full steam this week with 61 major companies reporting.
What to watch in 2017
In this video, AMP Capital’s Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, Shane Oliver, discusses the outlook for global markets and...

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