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Look to commercial property for strong yields
As we move into a new part of the investment cycle, a rise in bond yields will in time make them more attractive for investors, however there is still a long way to go according to Dr Shane Oliver, Chief Economist. Here, Shane explains why commercial property will be attractive for investors looking for yield.
Property investors: finding value in a rising rate environment
The current slide in Sydney and Melbourne residential property prices will fall far short of a housing bust, according to AMP Capital Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, Shane Oliver.
Our love affair with property – a liquidity risk?
We’re a nation that loves property – and the ability to buy property within an SMSF can be a significant factor in establishing one. However, because fund payments can’t be made in bricks and tiles, the issue of liquidity needs to be carefully considered. This article outlines the key considerations for SMSFs.
What could trigger a property price correction?
In this short video, Chief Economist Dr Shane Oliver, shares his predictions for the Australian property markets and the potential triggers of a correction to look out for.
Commercial versus residential property: predictions and investment options
Both residential and commercial property segments have experienced a strong period of capital growth in the past six years, Luke Dixon, AMP Capital’s Head of Real Estate Research, says.
Australian housing: the latest data and where else investors can look for stable income
In the below two short videos, Dr Shane Oliver shares insight into what the latest Australian housing data suggests, and where else investors can look for stable income.
Is Australian housing in crisis?
The Australian housing story over the past three years has been characterised by phenomenal dwelling price growth, record housing debt and booming asset values, particularity in Sydney and Melbourne. This has crowded-out first home buyers from the market.
Direct property and your SMSF
Having exposure to property in your self-managed super fund (SMSF) can help diversify the fund’s investments.
Tax deductions are still available for property investors
When looking to purchase an investment property, most buyers consider location, purchase price and tenanting ability, while depreciation is often overlooked. Depreciation can unlock the cash flow potential within an investment property, often resulting in thousands of additional dollars for the investor each financial year.
Flexibility key to real estate success
Adaptation and flexible spaces will be pivotal in successful real estate design and management in the next decade, driven by changes in the way people shop, work and socialise.
Safe as houses? Global real estate exposed to the elements
An age-old assumption is that carefully-selected real estate will be a safe harbour in the face of market volatility. Given extreme weather events like flooding, cyclones, sea level rises, sustained heat waves and hail storms, this assumption may not hold.
Generation Rent – the impact of changing demographics on apartment REITs
The rise of the Millennial generation and its implications for the residential market in the US is a current and informative case study of the impact of demographics on the real estate asset class.
History repeats on housing, but how long will this last?
History indicates that Australian house prices are more likely to flatline than collapse. The main problem is likely to be in high-rise construction, with banks exposed to highly-leveraged buyers and developers.
Real appeal 3 - Spotlight on commercial real estate in Australia
This is the final installment of a three-part article series that explores investment opportunities in this environment. It explores opportunities for investors in commercial real estate.
Heartbreak Hotel: the sharing economy and the hotel sector: part 2
In this second part we explore the impact of this phenomenon on the real estate sector so self-managed super fund (SMSF) investors can incorporate this thinking into their views of investment markets.
Heartbreak Hotel: the sharing economy and the hotel sector
This is the first in a two-part piece that explores the opportunities and challenges posed by the sharing economy for real estate investors.
Real estate assets: its all about technology and location
In this article, we’ll focus on the impact of technology disruption on commercial property assets.
What’s next for local commercial real estate?
While performance has been strong in the past couple of years, there are a number of expected medium term headwinds in the commercial real estate market that need to be managed.
Geopolitics and property: impacts and crossovers
A change of direction in the US has the investment markets believing inflation is going to return, so it seems the “chase for yield” has started to thaw.
Have A-REIT share prices bottomed out?
A-REITs have been particularly hard hit by bond rate increases, but most are in much better shape than they were during the GFC. Investors should assess the improved value, but not all listed property trusts are equal in quality.
Can digital nomads cause cities to become less relevant?
Many SMSF members are familiar with the notion that investment risks are presented by fossil fuel companies having ‘stranded assets’ – assets that are written-off and never sold – in their balance sheets as economies transition to a lower carbon world. The question is if this risk also applies to cities?
Part 2: Assessing the resilience of global listed real estate and lessons learned by the sector
This is the second part of a two part article series that explores global listed real estate as an asset class SMSF investors might consider.
Assessing the resilience of global listed real estate and lessons learned by the sector
In recent years, global listed real estate has delivered strong relative returns for investors while also taking significant strides in addressing the issues that affected the sector during the financial crisis of 2007/2008.
Investing in the grey boom: a role for senior living real estate in Asia
Real estate, given its functional and intrinsic value, is a corollary of social forces. It is the bricks-and-mortar response to how we live our lives and the goods and services we buy.
Commercial property and SMSFs: insurance considerations
It is common for businesses to have a buy/sell agreement in place, in case a director or owner dies or becomes incapacitated.
Commercial property and the hunt for yield
Australian commercial real estate is seeing high levels of activity, as investors chase yield in a lower growth, low interest rate world.
Real estate: the long view
The returns of both listed and unlisted real estate are driven by variables such as rent, capitalisation rates, capital expenditure schedules and tenant covenants.
Outlook for major shopping centres remains strong
The predominant themes that are likely to impact the shopping centre sector in the near term.
What's the outlook for the commercial office market
There are many variables that will affect the office market over next decade.
The outlook for commercial property
Expect a fascinating three to four years in real estate given a raft of global economic and investment cross currents and challenges.
SMSFs digest clarification of lending rules
Are changes to SMSFs rules making you reconsider your existing lending agreements?
China’s little emperors prop up Aussie housing market
While the evidence points to Australia’s housing market coming off the boil, prices are still being supported by Chinese families assisting their children in Australia to buy a house or apartment.
Australian property cools
In this video, we explore some of the recent uncertainty and volatility surrounding the Australian property market.
Can US house price falls happen here?
Residential housing is the largest asset class in Australia, supporting the most debt, which explains all the talk about the potential for a housing price bubble.
SMSF update on negative gearing and housing prices
We discuss the risk of a property crash and provide an update on negative gearing.
Chasing yield: outlook for commercial property
There has been a continual compression of capitalisation rates across Australia’s commercial property markets.
3 ways to get started in commercial property
Investors are increasingly convinced of the real estate story, attracted by a healthy income return and long-term capital growth without the volatility of the sharemarket. But deciding to invest in commercial real estate is the easy bit; deciding how to go about it can be more difficult.
Commercial property: what to look out for in the new year
Switzer Expert Paul Rickard and Portfolio Manager of the Wholesale Australian Property Fund Chris Davitt discuss the outlook for commercial property.
‘Silent seconds’ are the landmines of Australian residential property
Second mortgages are far more common than is recognised, often in the form of expensive debt. These ‘silent seconds’ may sit unnoticed until market conditions deteriorate and payments cannot be met.
Real estate social infrastructure coming of age
Demographic and social changes, longevity, cash-strapped governments and higher density living are all driving a shift towards investments in real estate social infrastructure. Here are some risks and benefits.
Residential property overvaluation a potential risk to SMSFs
SMSFs that are heavily exposed to overvalued residential property could be adversely affected in the future.
The truth about property investing
It may be time to consider some truths about investing in residential property
Are foreign buyers driving up Australian property prices?
We provide an overview of what's causing the boom in our property prices.
Thinking of buying or selling property?
Australia’s housing market is messy
Mortgage funds: if only we had a trendier name, like P2P
Mortgage funds still suffer from the poor reputation earned during the GFC, and are not well supported by investors. When the asset is a first registered mortgage over real property, some structures are worth a look.
Mortgage rate rises for property investors prompt alternative opportunities
Is it time for property investors to look for alternative investments in the wake of interest rate rises on property investments?
Do you know the SMSF borrowing rules for separate assets?
The superannuation law allows SMSFs to borrow under a limited recourse borrowing arrangement to acquire an asset, but if multiple assets are involved, like a property on more than one title, things can get complicated.
Going to auction this Saturday? Tips to save you heartache and money
There are some potential solutions for those who jump the gun with SMSF property investing, but it would be much better to curb your enthusiasm and set up the SMSF well in advance.
The commercial property opportunity for investors
Commercial property markets are likely to outperform residential following the introduction of tighter lending conditions for residential property investors.
House and land packages for SMSFs: what to consider
As property investing becomes more popular with SMSFs, trustees should understand the difference between purchasing a house and land package versus a vacant lot to be built upon later.
Demand for non-residential property drives returns
Fuelled by strong investor demand, the latest PCA/IPD Australian All Property Index reveals that non-residential property has performed strongly in recent years.
Residential property is expected to soften
After a period of low interest rates, the residential housing market will soften.
3 things to consider when it comes to Australian housing
The case for the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) resuming interest rate cuts this year has been fairly clear:
Don’t do what everyone else is doing
Commercial property may be generally underrated as an investment class but not by those enjoying the dependable double-digit returns it can deliver.
Financial leverage in real estate: friend or foe?
Financial leverage is already built into many real estate funds and companies, and borrowing even more to invest can produce spectacular results – on both the upside and the downside.
Illiquid assets and long-term investing
Many people would place ‘capturing the illiquidity premium’ on a list of benefits from long-term investing, but achieving additional returns is not as simple as just buying and holding an illiquid asset.
Investment strategy insights: Australian commercial real estate
We are set for a dynamic 3-4 years as real estate, like all asset classes, navigates through a raft of global economic and investment cross currents and challenges.
China's property market in a slump
In the first industry-wide move since 2012, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) cut its reserve ratio requirement (RRR) - the amount of cash banks have to hold as reserves - by 0.5% to 19.5% this month. The easing is likely to provide support in the near-term to China’s slowing economy – and, in-turn, sluggish property market. In this article, we provide an outlook for property in China and more broadly.
Why empty nesters won’t downsize
Downsizing seems the rational and ethical thing to do if you’re an empty nester rattling around in a big house. But Australians seem to have an aversion to downsizing, with wide policy implications.
Australia’s residential property boom
This article asks three questions. Is Australian housing overpriced? If so, why? And, what can the Government and the RBA do to prevent a bubble from forming?
The case for active management in A-REITs
Amid the growing popularity of ASX-listed real estate investment trusts as a way for investors to gain exposure to real estate, there is a debate over what style of fund is best. While passive is cheaper, what’s the case for active?
Retirement communities in different shapes and sizes
This article examines retirement communities – retirement villages (RVs) and demountable home parks (DHPs).
SMSF borrowing and residential property
Listed Investment Companies have enjoyed great investor support in the last year, but the structure usually comes with ‘free’ options to buy more shares. The impact of these options can trap the unwary.
Home equity release, the fourth pillar of retirement funding
In the search for retirement funding solutions that address longevity, the retirement age and costs of living, home equity release could help fund the retirement of those who own their home.
A guide to real estate investing strategies
Securitisation and the increased sophistication of the real estate industry have led to new ways to repackage property assets as investment opportunities – each with vastly different risk, return and liquidity features
Investing in commercial property for your SMSF
The first SMSF Suite webinar hosted by Marty Switzer and featuring AMP Capital’s Shane Oliver and Chris Davitt covers the importance of asset allocation in an SMSF, accessing commercial property inside your SMSF and an inside look into how AMP Capital’s Wholesale Australian Property fund works.
Finding opportunities in Australian property
The hunt for income is as relentless as ever. In the current environment of low interest rates and bond yields, Australian property is forecast to continue to provide strong, reliable income streams for investors.
Buying property with self-managed super: a few things you should know
Buying property through self managed super funds seems to be flavour of the month, but while friends and relatives may be waxing lyrical about the benefits, there’ is a lot to understand before jumping on the bandwagon.
Investing in commercial property
This article provides some insight into the investment opportunities and risks in the smaller end of the commercial market and why it is different from residential.

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