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Valuing infrastructure in a rising rate world – part 2
In the second article of a two-part series, John Julian, Infrastructure Investment Director, explores the impacts that a rising interest rate environment may have on infrastructure asset valuations.
More Australians look to smart energy
With rising energy prices and increased awareness around limiting carbon emissions, more Australians are looking to smart technology to secure their energy future.
Valuing infrastructure in a rising rate world
The impact of rising rates on asset classes is top of mind for investors, with infrastructure being no different. In the first of a two-part series, John Julian, Infrastructure Investment Director, explores the impacts that a rising interest rate environment may have and why.
Time to get set in commercial property
Property investors should be looking for commercial assets linked to GDP growth ahead of an expected rate rise in the next 18 months, says AMP Capital Head of Real Estate Research, Luke Dixon.
Awaiting the next leg of Australia’s infrastructure journey
According to Diana Mousina, Senior Economist, the stars have been in alignment for infrastructure investment in recent years, which is likely to continue. For those invested in (or looking to invest in) infrastructure, Diana explains why this is the case, explains the infrastructure model in Australia, and expectations for what’s to come.
How to invest in the new energy future
Consumers demanding cheaper energy bills and more control are fuelling innovation in the energy sector. Infrastructure expert Michael Cummings shares his learnings for investors looking to the new energy future.
How can SMSFs gain access to infrastructure?
Private ownership of infrastructure assets is increasing, providing more opportunities for investors. Infrastructure can provide portfolio benefits ranging from high-growth to low-volatility, bond-like characteristics. Infrastructure expert Michael Cummings sheds light on how SMSFs can access infrastructure.
How to invest now in our driverless car future
Investors might be looking in the wrong place for exposure to the revolution in driverless cars if they’re pouring over previews of the A$110,000 Tesla Model X. But the trend has prompted other compelling investment opportunities.
Interest rates and infrastructure: what’s the connection?
The infrastructure asset class has become increasingly popular for SMSFs seeking stable income and capital appreciation in a low-growth, low interest rate environment. With interest rate movements on the horizon, John Julian, Infrastructure Investment Director, explains the connection between interest rates and infrastructure.
Infrastructure deals in a President Trump-led America
People love asking the question about the Trump Administration’s latest infrastructure plan as it’s become known in the hope it’s going to lead to more investment opportunities in the sector. Amid all the noise around public policy, we really have our eye on the US economy, specifically trade and GDP, and where economic growth is heading over the next few years.
Why AMP Capital’s infrastructure fund is topping the global league tables
ADIT, one of the longest-running infrastructure funds globally, topped its peer group and was named the best infrastructure fund overall for ESG performance globally.
The best kept income secret?
An allocation to infrastructure within a portfolio can deliver both income and diversification benefits.
5 reasons why investors should consider infrastructure
Infrastructure offers a range of investment characteristics that can be particularly attractive in the low interest rate and volatile market conditions we have seen in recent times. Clients tell us they like its attractive, consistent returns and yield; defensive characteristics; and diversification benefits. Infrastructure is also becoming more accessible to retail investors. In the past, high quality unlisted infrastructure assets were usually only available to large institutional investors but now direct investors can own their own piece of Melbourne Airport or UK rolling stock company Angel Trains.
Budget breakdown 2017: infrastructure in focus
The recent federal budget outlined a $75 billion program of infrastructure spending over the next 10 years.
Global listed infrastructure: not just a bond proxy
Global listed infrastructure has become an increasingly attractive asset class for self-managed super fund (SMSF) investors for its diversification and other benefits.
5 Reasons Why SMSF Investors Should Consider Infrastructure
Infrastructure is growing in popularity among investors including SMSF trustees.
Have you considered the infrastructure opportunity for your SMSF?
Watch our video on the AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund to learn more about the Fund including it's objectives, the assets it invests in and how it has performed.
Webinar recording: Let infrastructure help you handle market turbulence
Watch our webinar to learn more about both direct and listed infrastructure and what role it can play in an SMSF portfolio.
Infrastructure characteristics and driving returns
The infrastructure asset class has been growing in popularity as an investment destination for both institutional and SMSF investors.
Real appeal 2 - Spotlight on direct infrastructure in Australia
This is the second in a three-part article series that explores the benefits of direct assets in an investment portfolio
Real appeal - Australian infrastructure and real estate in a low growth environment
This article, the first in a series of three, explores the opportunities direct infrastructure and commercial (non-residential) real estate present for investors in a lower for longer return regime.
The impact on infrastructure as interest rates rise
This note considers the impact of such a bond rate movement on both unlisted and listed infrastructure.
Mid-market infrastructure assets offer value
Exploring the landscape for infrastructure investments given the challenging conditions in capital markets presently.
Three reasons to invest in infrastructure or commercial property
This article explores why commercial property and infrastructure assets are attractive to investors in their ongoing search for yield.
Listed or direct infrastructure - why not both?
Listed and direct infrastructure equities can exhibit differing returns, volatilities and correlations. It’s important for self-managed super fund (SMSF) investors to understand how these asset classes perform relative to each other in a portfolio, focusing on the investment opportunities within each.
The impact of a lower oil price on infrastructure assets
In this article, we explore the issue of falling energy prices and assess what it means for infrastructure.
Infrastructure emerges as a compelling asset class for SMSFs
Infrastructure has emerged as a compelling asset class for SMSFs seeking returns uncorrelated with equities and opportunities to access growth assets and consistent income streams in a world of low returns and lower interest rates.
SMSFs and infrastructure is marriage made in heaven
Australia needs capital for infrastructure, and SMSF trustees want direct access to assets with yield and long-term security. It’s a win-win if governments can find a structure to bring the two together.
Hunting for yield: Have you considered commercial property and infrastructure?
Assets that exhibit defensive and stable yield profiles, along with strong growth potential, are obvious candidates for a long-term investment strategy.
Finding value in infrastructure investment
Competition for infrastructure assets is presenting a challenge for SMSF investors looking to find value in this asset class.
Regulatory factors impacting infrastructure
We delve into some of the regulatory factors that impact infrastructure investment.
6 reasons why infrastructure is becoming popular
Infrastructure has become increasingly popular with investors looking to improve the resilience and diversification of their portfolio via exposure to an alternative asset class
3 factors that underpin infrastructure returns
Infrastructure returns tend to follow predictable and more stable paths
Infrastructure: risk and return profiles by sector
Infrastructure offers investors the opportunity to own the utilities and facilities that provide essential services and help drive economic growth and productivity.
The outlook for infrastructure in 2016
In this webinar recording Head of Global Listed Infrastructure Tim Humphreys provides an outlook for infrastructure investing in 2016
Infrastructure investment needs to open up, says SMSF Association
This week, the SMSF Association made a statement about opening up infrastructure investment to SMSF investors.
Is infrastructure immune to market volatility?
While infrastructure is not immune to market volatility, it can offer SMSF investors some in-built protection.
Infrastructure – the case for an allocation
Over the past five years there’s been a noticeable rise in infrastructure allocations by investors – what’s driving this demand?
4 reasons SMSF investors should consider global listed infrastructure
Stable and inflation-linked cash flows and long-term capital growth potential make global listed infrastructure a good fit within an investment portfolio.
Spotting an investment trend before it happens
We often get asked whether global listed infrastructure is an asset class that should have its own discrete allocation within a portfolio.
Global volatility calls for an active approach to infrastructure investing
In times of global economic volatility, the importance of active management in listed infrastructure becomes particularly apparent.
Asset privatisation remains challenging
Asset privatisations are one of the major pillars of government strategy.
4 drivers for infrastructure investment
The cash flow characteristics of global listed infrastructure companies are what differentiate the asset class from its peers.
Implications for your portfolio: low rates for infrastructure
Infrastructure is often seen as an alternative to low risk defensive assets like cash and government fixed income in investors’ portfolios. In discussions with infrastructure investors over the past few months, one recurring discussion topic has been the extremely low level of base or risk free interest rates.
Bird’s-eye view: Airport infrastructure
Thinking of going away over the Easter period? Well you should know that the aviation industry can be a tough gig.
Global infrastructure and interest rate movements
As the US Federal Reserve (the Fed) prepares financial markets for incremental interest rate rises, we take a look at what this might mean for global listed infrastructure assets.
Listed infrastructure is likely to perform well in a ‘goldilocks’ environment
Listed infrastructure has delivered proven performance, despite commodity prices falling sharply.
A view on Europe from the field
Joseph Titmus, Infrastructure Analyst at AMP Capital, is part of the global infrastructure investment team discusses some of his observations on the path to recovery in Europe.
US oil and gas infrastructure investment boom
An interview with Tim Humphreys, AMP Capitals Head of Global Listed Infrastructure speaking about the investment boom of oil and gas in the US.
Infrastructure debt and infrastructure equity
Following the previous article on listed versus unlisted infrastructure equity, we look at the different risk and return characteristics of the lesser-known infrastructure debt

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