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Fixed Income

What if bond prices take a dive?
There are a lot of reasons why investors could, or perhaps should, be worried we’re headed for a bond market correction. Chief Economist Dr Shane Oliver shares his predictions for bonds and the implications for investors across other asset classes.
Do shares and bonds still correlate?
We are nearing the end of a 30-year bull run in the bond market where many investors anticipate that rates will head higher, and the role of bonds in a diversified portfolio is under challenge. Jeff Rogers, ipac CIO, breaks down the historical correlation between shares and bonds, and expectations for what's to come.
What do different types of bond yields mean?
Bonds seem like a simple investment. In their most common form, you lend your money to a company or a government, and in return they pay you interest on set dates and return capital at maturity (assuming there’s no default).
So bond rates are not ‘lower for longer’
For most of 2016, we have warned investors about the dangers of accepting historically low bond rates as the ‘new normal’.
Part 1: Call for a new framework: Low bond yields render historical models redundant: Part 1
This two-part article discusses frameworks for how SMSF investors can start to understand asset allocation in the context of low nominal yields and what this means not just for bonds but also other asset classes.
Update on fixed income markets
Markets have been buffeted by a number of unexpected events in recent months and here, we explore how these events have shaped financial markets over this time.
Building an effective fixed income portfolio
Fixed income plays various roles within a SMSF, depending on the investor’s risk profile. But its main purpose is to provide a consistent income stream, and to help balance out the returns from the fund’s growth assets.
Corporate bonds: top stock selection tips and investment outlook
Corporate bonds can play a pivotal role in diversifying, and potentially increasing the overall long term value of an SMSF investment portfolio.
5 things every SMSF investor should know about bonds
Bonds can be appealing to SMSF investors in times of heightened volatility. They have different characteristics to other investments such as shares and property, which can make them a valuable addition to a portfolio.
A timely reminder for credit investors
When a company fraud is uncovered there are many losers, and companies are not run to benefit bondholders. The main protection against such unforeseeable risks is to maintain a well-diversified portfolio.
Why corporate bonds remain in good shape
Investors remain progressively more cautious in the near term, with rising risks emanating from China and related commodity markets, low bond yields, and ongoing geopolitical concerns.
How to manage liquidity in credit portfolios
History has shown us that fixed income markets may be severely affected by liquidity events. This can have the impact of causing extreme volatility in short periods of time, creating challenges around risk management and drawdown control.
Busting the bond myth
The decline in interest rates to historic lows in recent years has led to anxiety among Australian investors about what will happen to their fixed interest holdings when overnight interest rates begin to rise.
Top tips for SMSF investors: Corporate bonds
An interview with fixed income expert David Carruthers, Head of Credit and Core, AMP Capital
Rising bond rates should be good for shares
It is widely believed that rising bond yields should be bad for share prices.
Can the Australian economy maintain its AAA rating?
With regard to the Australian AAA sovereign rating, the risk of a negative outlook has increased.
Will insurance bonds become the new superannuation?
The insurance bond is an almost forgotten investment product which is starting to emerge amongst better planners and wealth management groups.
Global divergence: What will it take for bond yields to move higher?
The European Central Bank (ECB) and Bank of Japan (BoJ) are lowering cash rates or easing monetary policy at a time when the US Federal Reserve is gradually edging towards raising rates.
A journey through the life of a fixed rate bond
Bonds have the most predictable returns of any asset class, yet they are often maligned and misunderstood by market commentators who call them risky. Follow the 13-year life of this April 2015 bond and decide for yourself.
Four dangerous high yield credit myths
Many high yield investors assume the past will be a good indication of the future. A failure to correctly understand the past has led to common but dangerous myths about high yield credit.
Are bonds liquid?
There’s no straightforward answer to the question of whether a bond is liquid. Unfortunately, at the time when you most want to sell, everyone is likely to be running for the exit.
Your bond questions answered
Cuffelinks reader, James, has some additional questions covering: bonds for capital gain or income, bonds in a growth strategy, passive vs active investing, unconstrained bond funds and duration risk.
An idiot’s guide to bond funds
In response to a reader’s question regarding bond funds, we asked our bond guru to explain, in layman’s term, the workings of bond funds and what features to look for before investing in this asset class.
Retail investors drives AMP Capital Corporate Bond Fund past A$1 billion mark
AMP Capital's Corporate Bond Fund has surpassed A$1 billion in funds under management four years after becoming available to retail investors.
No More Practice Investment Series
AMP Capital is taking part in a new industry initiative aimed at educating SMSF and retail investors on the real face of funds management.
Chasing yield – AMP’s Corporate Bond Fund
As the Aussie dollar grinds higher, the prospect of a cut in interest rates is starting to develop a little momentum. While still well less than 50%, the probability of the RBA reducing the cash rate further from 2.5% was practically 0% only a few months ago – so what has changed?
Finding income opportunities in bonds and equities
Retirees will always require a steady source of income to meet their financial needs, and of paramount importance will be the need to ensure they have enough funds to last them through retirement.
5 things every investor should know about fixed income
Fixed income securities (often referred to as bonds) are a form of debt. They have different characteristics to other investments such as shares and property, which can make them a valuable addition to a portfolio. Here we outline five key facts about the asset class.
Cash loses appeal for SMSFs in favour of fixed interest and property
Trustees decrease their cash holdings in favour of fixed interest and direct property investments, according to the latest Multiport SMSF Investment Patterns Survey.
What's that UBS bond benchmark in the annual statements?
There’s an interesting history of state and federal government finances and innovative merchant bankers behind the UBS bond index often found in annual statements from fund managers
Managing credit risk requires healthy dose of cynicism
In the world of credit risk, you need to understand the capacity of the borrower to pay what they’ve promised, then assume that they will let you down anyway and avoid concentrating your portfolio
Inside the hidden world of diversified income
Diversified income funds have been extremely popular and have performed well recently, but ‘income’ is often not really income at all. If there is a reversal in some or all of the underlying factors, returns are at risk.
A fixed interest guy’s take on share market volatility
Simple maths helps explain why the share market is so volatile. It’s not that it’s an irrational, casino-like beast that bucks and dives for no good reason. It’s a long duration market reacting to changes.

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