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Exchange Traded

Trends in infrastructure investing
Infrastructure has been an important topic since US President Donald Trump made higher spending in this area an election promise. It’s likely as the US rolls out its infrastructure program, it will turn to capital markets for investment funds.
Why Exchange Traded Funds are only set to grow
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are increasingly becoming a crucial part of an investor’s tool kit, offering exposure to factor tilts and different asset classes and geographies in a highly liquid, simple and cost-effective manner.
Australian ETF industry comes of age
In the sixth annual review of the ETF industry, there is an extraordinary reduction in the average age when investors first use ETFs. It’s a sign of the sustainability of rapid growth.
ETF industry predictions for 2017
Australia’s ETF industry saw significant growth in 2016, and 2017 looks set to continue this trend, driven especially by younger generations who prefer self-directed investment strategies.
The art and science of dynamic asset allocation
Watch this video to understand how the DMKT fund works and examples of its dynamic asset allocation process in action.
Positioning for the unexpected
When market consensus is heavily positioned for one outcome, it pays to evaluate the exact opposite occurring.
Under the bonnet of Dynamic Asset Allocation
An active approach to asset allocation provides greater flexibility to invest in a broad range of markets- from European equities to inflation-linked bonds and commodities, corn to soybeans, currency to high-yield credit.
Buy from the pessimists and sell to the optimists
Nader Naeimi, Head of Dynamic Markets explains in this short interview: "Pessimism, or even hate, toward an asset class is actually good. What we want to do is to buy from the pessimists and sell to the optimists."
Is now the time to increase risk?
There’s no such thing as a risk free investment and in fact, risk is an important driver of returns. The higher the potential risk, the higher the potential returns, and vice versa.
Have you considered soybeans for your portfolio?
The Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund) ASX: DMKT offers exposure to what we see as mispriced investments in a wide range of markets, from all over the world.
What does real diversification look like?
Diversification is one of the most important concepts in financial markets. Its purpose is to protect investors when markets are volatile or on a downward trajectory.
5 tips for trading Active ETFs
Exchange traded managed funds can be bought and sold like any share on an exchange (such as the ASX), through a full service or online broker. However, there are some trading myths and realities that investors should be aware of, to assist here are 5 top trading tips to keep in mind.
Active ETFs – the basics
An Active ETF is, most simply, a managed fund that is traded on a stock exchange such as the ASX. They are built like managed funds, but trade like shares, meaning that pricing is transparent and they can be bought and sold during any trading day just like ordinary shares.
New Active ETFs offer ease and diversification
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become popular with investors due to their simple structure and comparatively low cost. Now, Active ETFs are available that utilise the same simple structure yet have the ability to respond to current market conditions.
Easy access to global markets with DMKT
The AMP Capital Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund) (ASX code: DMKT) is now trading on the ASX.
Active ETFs – understanding liquidity
A key benefit for investors in Active Exchange Traded Funds (Active ETFs) is their tradability.
Understanding bid and offer spreads in Active ETFs
Among the issues investors need to consider when buying and selling Active ETFs are buy-sell (or "bid-offer") spreads.
ETFs playing bigger role for investors
The latest Exchange Traded Funds Report highlights the growing popularity and demand for ETFs from investors and advisers. It also flags an opportunity for actively-managed exchange traded funds in the coming year.
AMP Capital forms alliance with BetaShares to launch exchange traded managed funds
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