A series of vibrant Australian artworks have been recently installed in North Ryde’s Macquarie Centre, as part of AMP Capital Shopping Centres’ (who manage Macquarie Centre) strategy to create unique and sensory shopping destinations. The artists, Carly Scoufos from Brisbane, Kate Shaw from Melbourne, and Nike Savvas from Sydney, have created large, visually striking art pieces to complement the centre. It is expected the artworks will be enjoyed by millions of customers each year.

‘Perpetuate’, ‘Australia Luminescent’ and ‘Epic Love’, are placed throughout the centre for best effect, and reflect the incredible growth of the north-west corridor, the colourful joy of life and the beauty of Australian landscape. The artworks were design to evoke all five senses and bring the centre together as a cohesive, sensory experience.

AMP Capital Shopping Centres Managing Director, Bryan Hynes, says the focus was on creating a destination, rather than just a shopping centre: “The three Australian artists were commissioned to create dynamic, modern art pieces that best reflect the personality of Macquarie Centre’s local community and the recent redevelopment.

“At Macquarie Centre, and through all of the AMP Capital Shopping Centres’ developments, we’re aiming to take a place-led approach to create unique and distinctive shopping destinations, customised for the local market.

“This, paired with an Australian-first 21 metre curved digital screen and the overhaul of the fashion and fresh food offering means the entire Macquarie Centre has been invigorated to become a leading contemporary urban centre.”

‘Perpetuate’, by Carly Scoufos from Brisbane, explores the continual yet sustainable growth of the area. The piece consists of 54 handmade copper wire structures, ranging in size from 50 centimetres to three metres, which are layered over each other in columned gatherings. This represents the pockets of air frozen and suspended in time and space as they rise to the surface of a lake, mirroring the continued yet sustainable growth of the north-west region.

Nike Savvas from Sydney has created, ‘Epic Love’ which fills the atrium space with an explosion of brightly coloured spheres, suspended in ‘space’. The 2,500 hovering spheres appear to link, creating infinite parallel lines to give the sense of being immersed in a carnival of colour and movement, and evoke a joyous celebration and exaltation of life.

The third piece named ‘Australia Luminescent’, by Kate Shaw from Melbourne, invites the viewer into the Australian landscape during the magic hours of dusk and dawn. The painting envelopes viewers in the beauty, intensity and vibrancy of rural Australia, highlighting the intense sparkling colours and contrasting shapes of the landscape during these magic hours.

These artworks complement the recent $440 million refurbishment of Macquarie Centre, which saw the centre develop an extensive Fresh Food Market, and launch a glamorous two-level Fashion Galleria featuring some of the best international and Australian fashion designers. With the addition of the new artworks, Macquarie Centre has become a unique and authentically creative destination, offering a premium customer experience for its visitors.