We’ve entered a co-creation generation, whereby shoppers want to have a say in the experiences, services and products offered to them by their favourite brands and retail stores.

‘Co-creation’ allows and encourages more active involvement from the customer to create a value-rich experience. According to AMP Capital’s Recommended Retail Practice Report, released September 2014, the engagement that co-creation provides is resonating with consumers in today’s market. The research indicates that more than 80% of shoppers say they are more likely to shop from a store that has involved them in developing new experiences, products or services.

Interestingly, only 7% of Australian shoppers were not interested at all in being involved in helping their favourite brands or stores develop new experiences, products or services.

As shoppers become more vocal about how brands can add value to them, this presents an exciting opportunity for retailers to collaborate with consumers in developing the products and services they want to buy.

To find out how retailers can develop more meaningful, long-term relationships with consumers through co-creation practices, we spoke to some shoppers. Below are the top three recommendations.

3 things shoppers want

1. Input and recognition

Give shoppers the opportunity to determine future product ranges, give them recognition for their contribution and keep them informed.

For example: Starbucks has created ‘My Starbucks Idea’, an online forum for customers to share, discuss and vote on ideas that are implemented in-store, such as a cup design competition which was suggested by customers.

2. Personalisation

Provide opportunities for shoppers to customise and personalise products.

For example: The Magnum Pleasure Pop-up Stores have been met with queues of excited customers around the world, allowing them to make their own Magnum with a choice of 18 different toppings.

3. In-store experience

Involve shoppers in creating their own in-store experience, including influence over the atmosphere, design or service provided.

For example: General Pants seeks requests from customers on future music playlists and also gives shoppers the chance to select what tracks are played on the spot from iPad kiosks in-store.

“I would love it if my favourite shop approached me and asked me to get involved in helping to decide what items to launch this season.” (Jane, female shopper QLD)

The 2014 Recommended Retail Practice Report can be downloaded from ampcscresearchhub.com.au. Also available are infographics, customer testimonials, best practice examples and graphs for images.

1Research conducted via an online community, during which over 2,000 posts were received from shoppers in just two weeks. The insights from this community were quantified by 1,010 Australian respondents aged over 18, in September 2014 (conducted by Direction First).