Australia’s largest curved, audible, fully animated digital ceiling panel spanning the length of a cricket pitch has been installed as part of AMP Capital’s $440 million redevelopment of Macquarie Centre in Sydney’s north west. The full motion digital ceiling screen will be used for advertiser messages, and can be seen and heard from the busiest point of the centre – the travelator approaching the new Fresh Food Market.

The 21m x 3m screen has been installed by AMP Capital Shopping Centres, and will target’s Macquarie Centre’s two million shoppers a month.

The iconic digital screen provides a shopping experience that engages shoppers like never before and this development sets the scene for what will become Sydney’s shopping destination. The overhead digital screen is fully animated, so television footage can be adapted and used with audio to create a huge impact with shoppers.

For any information about advertising on this iconic digital screen, please contact the AMP Capital Brand and Retail Solutions Team, via the contact us page.