In a world where people can be bombarded with information, AMP Capital Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist Shane Oliver recommends taking a strategic approach to investing. 

"If you are to be a successful investor you have to have an investment process," says Oliver. 

The trick, he says, is cutting out the noise and sticking to the fundamentals.
  1. AMP Capital's approach is to look at five key indicators: 
  2. Valuations – whether they are expensive or cheap
  3. Where that asset class is in the cycle
  4. The liquidity backdrop, specifically what the central banks are doing
  5. Sentiment. "If everyone in the class is bullish that worries me a little bit," notes Oliver. "That means there may only be one way for the asset to go and that’s down."
  6. Chart points or technical analysis. "It's useful to have several sources of quality research but you need to have a process to filter that information," Oliver says.