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Real estate


Real estate can offer investors a stable source of income through regular distributions of underlying rental income. In this section, we provide a variety of education material that explains the role direct and listed real estate play in a portfolio, and why now may be a good time to invest in these areas of the market.

Understanding real estate

Real estate at a glance

This one page document is a useful tool which can be used with clients to help explain the role real estate plays in an investment portfolio. It also explains the benefits and risks of investing, and how real estate compares to other asset classes.


Real estate visual

This one page visual brochure helps you explain this asset to clients new to investing.


Booklet and presentation pack

This booklet and presentation pack with speaker notes have been produced for advisers who are looking for a more in-depth understanding of the asset class. The documents provide an overview of why an investor would invest in real estate, risk and return characteristics and drivers of performance.


Presentation pack

Speaker notes


Global listed real estate – a world class investment

Listed real estate investment – like direct real estate – is cyclical, and this asset class holds vast opportunities within various sectors, countries and regions. Active management can help an investor to turn down the noise and pick the best markets for a particular point in the cycle. In this video Co-Head of Global Listed Real Estate, James Maydew, talks through the benefits of investing in this asset class and provides insight into the global themes that are currently driving investment opportunities.

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