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Fixed Income


Fixed income plays an important role in an investor’s overall investment strategy regardless of the market environment. In this section, we provide a variety of education material that explains the role fixed income plays in a portfolio, and why now may be a good time to invest in this asset class.

Understanding fixed income

Fixed income at a glance

This one page document is a useful tool which can be used with clients to help explain the role fixed income plays in an investment portfolio. It also explains the benefits and risks of investing, and how fixed income compares to other asset classes.


Booklet and presentation pack

This booklet and presentation pack with speaker notes have been produced for advisers who are looking for a more in-depth understanding of the asset class. The documents provide an overview of why an investor would invest in fixed income, types of fixed income securities, the main drivers of prices and technical terms such as duration and credit spreads.


Presentation pack

Speaker notes

Fixed income glossary

This glossary has been developed for advisers to help explain some of the more technical terms that may be encountered when investing in fixed income.



The case for investing in corporate bonds

Client brochure

This 2 page document, which can be used with clients, provides a concise overview of compelling reasons for investing in the asset class. For investors who seek stable income and easy access to their investments, corporate bonds can be a compelling investment option.



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