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Wholesale Cash Management Trust

Low risk, targeting capital security for the short-term

Cash is considered the least risky of the major asset classes – generally providing investors with a moderate regular income, but little chance of capital gain.

The Wholesale Cash Management Trust was developed particularly for those investors who are seeking capital preservation or have a short-term investment timeframe. The Fund invests chiefly in Australian fixed interest, money market securities and derivative instruments, and is primarily a low risk investment product that targets capital security.

"Cash and term deposits play an important role in most investors’ portfolios. They can help you with short-term cash flow needs, and provide relative stability and certainty during times that other investments are volatile."
Ilan Dekell, Head of Macro

A fund built with these goals in mind

Provides regular income

Provides regular income

The Fund aims to provide investors with a secure at-call investment with regular monthly income return and ready access to your investment and to outperform the UBS Australian Bank Bill Index.

Offers diversification

Offers diversification

Typically, the Fund holds a portfolio of fixed interest and money market securities (fixed or floating) and derivative instruments.

Low risk

Low risk

The Fund suits investors who seek a low risk and capital secure product or who have short-term (one to three year) investment goals.

How does this fund fit into your portfolio?

The Fund is designed for investors seeking a low risk and capital secure product or who have short-term (one to three year) investment goals. It can be used to complement existing solutions in a blended portfolio or it can be used individually. When used with existing solutions, the Fund fits within the defensive component of an investor’s overall portfolio.

What are the key risks?

Risks specific to the Fund may include or be associated with: market, the performance underlying fixed income securities, derivatives risk and the risks of investing in a unit trust structure.

Fund facts

Unit Trust

Investment objective The Fund aims to provide investors with a regular monthly income and to outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index, gross of fees. Typically, the Fund holds a portfolio of money market and fixed interest securities, floating rate notes, derivative instruments and cash.
Distribution frequency Monthly
Benchmark Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index

*The Fund's risk level is based on the estimated number of negative annual returns for the Fund over any 20 year period and is not a complete assessment of the risks of investing in the Fund. For instance it does not detail what the size of a negative return could be or the potential for a positive return to be less than an investor may require to meet their objectives. Consequently, before choosing to invest or reinvest in the Fund, you should read the Fund's PDS and incorporated information and consider factors such as the likely investment return, the risks of investing and your investment time frame. Information about the methodology used for calculating the risk level is available here.

How to invest

Unit Trust

Getting started online

Supporting material
Complete the application

National Mutual Funds Management Ltd. (ABN 32 006 787 720, AFSL 234652) (NMFM) is the responsible entity of the AMP Capital Wholesale Cash Management Trust (Fund) and the issuer of the units in the Fund. To invest in the Fund, investors will need to obtain the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) from AMP Capital Investors Limited (ABN 59 001 777 591, AFSL 232 497) (AMP Capital). The PDS contains important information about investing in the Fund and it is important that investors read the PDS before making a decision about whether to acquire, or continue to hold or dispose of units in the Fund. Neither AMP Capital, NMFM nor any other company in the AMP Group guarantees the repayment of capital or the performance of any product or any particular rate of return referred to in this information. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. While every care has been taken in the preparation of this information, AMP Capital makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any statement in it including without limitation, any forecasts. This content has been prepared for the purpose of providing general information, without taking account of any particular investor’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Investors should, before making any investment decisions, consider the appropriateness of this information, and seek professional advice, having regard to their objectives, financial situation and needs.


About the PDS:

You will find the following offer documents for this fund:

  • PDS
  • Incorporated information (the information incorporated by reference in the PDS, and which forms part of the PDS)

Before making a decision about investing or reinvesting, you should read both documents. These documents can also be obtained by contacting us on 1800 188 013.